Why Your Small Business Needs a Blog

BloggingIn today’s world a blog is an important and invaluable marketing tool for small and large businesses alike. Yet, I am often surprised by how many businesses don’t have a blog or those that do have a blog but it remains inactive. I’m also surprised by businesses that don’t participate in social media, but let’s save that for another post.

So, why exactly, aside from the obvious, do businesses need a blog? Below are several tangible reasons.

Why your Business Needs a Blog

  • Blogging is an invaluable tool for communicating with customers and prospective customers/readers.
  • Blogging is a good way to receive feedback – what’s working? What do your readers want to see more about and what do they want to see less about?
  • Blogs allow businesses to create an intimate relationship with their target audience.
  • Blogging also helps build credibility within your audience.
  • But most importantly, blogging keeps your site fresh and in front of your target audience, regularly reminding them time and again about your business.

Blogging Statistics

By 2013, it’s projected that 128 million people in the U.S. will be blog readers. If those sheer numbers don’t motivate you, not much else will.

The amount of people blogging is projected to grow to over 38 million in 2013.

Blogging Statistics, From a Business Standpoint

81% of U.S. online consumers trust information and advice from blogs. In fact, an estimated 61% of U.S. online consumers have purchased something due to a recommendation from a blog, according to BlogHer.

Companies and websites that have an active blog, also have 97% more inbound links to their blog. Inbound links (links to your site from another site) increase traffic and improve SEO. Not to mention, if you get a link from a major news source, it’s a great public relations win.

23% of total Internet usage time is devoted to social networks or blogs. Blogs are accessed on laptops, smartphones and tablets. There is no end to the possibilities of reaching your target audience.

A Business Blogging Case Study

Still not convinced? Maybe this case study by Tresnic Media will serve as motivation and help you to see why a blog can increase your business efforts. While we are using this site as an example, please remember that you will have to do some testing yourself, as many factors vary such as your industry and efforts need to be considered.

Tersnic Media spent five weeks blogging for a total of 50 blog posts during this time, and the result was a traffic increase of 438%. The study shows that not only can blogging boost traffic but it can also grow your online network and improve your search rankings. But most importantly, quality content geared at your target audience results in more leads and customers. The company also found from the study that by adding so many practical and new blog posts to their site, that it essentially helped them with their customer service efforts making it a double win!

The most important part…

You now have plenty of statistics to persuade you to start blogging or to confirm that you are on the right path but the most important part is making the commitment that blogging requires. Blogging takes a significant amount of time or money, if hiring someone is your plan. There will be days that you want to give up and other days that you are on fire and can write several posts in one day – on those days, schedule ahead.

It’s a proven fact that 65% of the population is made up of visual learners. I’m one of them. It is also said that visual aids in the classroom improve learning by up to 400 percent. With these statistics it’s easy to see that the right blogging atmosphere can greatly enhance your business motivation and productivity.

The right paint, with the right pictures (even quotes you have printed) can easily create the right ambiance. A dream board (also called a vision board) is also a good idea. There are days that I want to take my laptop and throw it across the room, there, I said it. But, on those days, looking up at a visual reminder of why I spend so much time at this desk is often the key to getting back on track. If you have never created a dream board, give it a shot, you might be surprised to find out how motivating it can be. Heck, Pinterest can make this easier than ever if you don’t want to make the time to create a ‘board.’


What are your tips and trips for blogging and motivation? Please share!


  1. says

    All true. What you don’t say, however, is how hard blogging is for busy business operators. Luckily they don’t have to write the blogs themselves, they can just hire BlogMutt. “We work like a dog to fill up your blog!”

    • Chrissie Cole says

      Valid point, Scott! It is indeed true that blogging is hard and time consuming. I would be the first to admit that firsthand :) Thanks for your comment!

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