Who Got Busy This Week? June 17th

A Portrait of Who Uses Social Networks In The US (And How Social Media Affects Our Lives)
Greg Finn for Search Engine Land presents some of the research findings from the Pew Internet and American Life Survey. This is a great organization that does a lot of important research, and Finn does a good job making it more tangible and translating the information in to ways that it affects you and your small business. A truly great read.


3 Ways to Prepare Your Business for Social Search

by Jeff Korhan for Social Media Examiner

This is a great article that will give you an idea of what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about and how to maximize your appearance in search results. Korhan does a great job explaining the basics of Google and the advances that have been made as well as with outlining three great calls to action.


David Ogilvy & Me
Kenneth Roman for Adweek

A little bit different, a little bit biographical, a lot a bit interesting and important. Take the time to read this background on David Ogilvy and how he went from being a farmer to an advertising legend. Inspiring.


Comcast is Bringing Skype to TV
Sarah Kessler for Mashable

Before you go switching to Verizon, consider this new advancement that Comcast is bringing to TV. Beyond your own personal use, it’s important to stay on top of technological advancements in terms of networking conversations and possible ways to use them for your small business.


5 Ways Your Relationship With Work Must Change
Solo Biz Coach

The job market is volatile right now, we all know that. As a result, however, your relationship with your work needs to change, for sanity’s sake. Take a look at what the Solo Biz Coach has to say about exactly how to do that.

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