Small Business Budgets and Modern Website Costs

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With small businesses generating more than 65% of new jobs in the U.S. since 1996, the market for small business websites has skyrocketed. Today, creating a website or a blog has an extremely low learning curve with WYSWYG (what you see is what you get) tools. Taking care of all the things that come with owning a small business, such as filling customers’ orders, daily … [Read more...]

Tech Savvy Enhancements to Boost Small Business Revenue

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Regardless of business size, bottlenecks are always present. There’s always a process that can be improved and made more efficient. With startups blooming left and right these days, it’s a bit overwhelming for businesses, small businesses especially, to weed through them all for the most suitable investment. It might be a $50/month subscription to an email marketing … [Read more...]

Why You Should Care About the Sharing Economy

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The sharing economy has helped reignite entrepreneurial ambition. Today, the pooling of all kinds of goods and services by a new army of micro-capitalists makes it possible for anyone with a laptop and Wi-Fi connection to launch a profitable venture without the need of corporate investment and control. The same resource pooling trends can help small businesses offset risk … [Read more...]

20 Myths to Steer Clear of When Starting a Small Business

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Several myths related to small businesses are well nurtured by people and eagerly passed on to new entrants. However, to run your business confidently and successfully, you need to have clarity in your mind and not get confused with these false notions.  1. If you are a start-up the Government will provide a grant There is no blanket assistance or grants that the Government … [Read more...]

7 Trump Cards Small Businesses Hold Over Large Businesses

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Sometimes running a small business can feel like a race against time with the odds of success dwindling with each passing minute. At times like that, it’s easy to look at the resources available to large businesses with envy. Then we try to benchmark their strategies, burning even more of our budget. In these moments of desperation, it’s easy to forget that small businesses … [Read more...]

5 Digital Trends and Tactics Small Businesses Can Simply Ignore

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On the Internet, people want clear information and social engagement — not overt sales pitches — so marketers are focusing on delivering quality content and fostering relationships. Community building, inbound marketing and content seduction are among the most popular strategies at play today. As Google's algorithms continue updating and web design boundaries continue … [Read more...]

Is Your Business a Gathering Place?

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You’ve begged and borrowed to start your small business. You’ve spent weeks or months building your retail store or your online store. You’ve bought your equipment and inventory, set up your cash register or shopping cart, hired a couple of employees and hung out your “open” sign. You’re like a racehorse at the starting gate, ready to greet your new customers and start making … [Read more...]

Vital Small Business Statistics, Trends and Facts for 2014

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The small businesses landscape in the United States has experienced many changes during the past few decades. Thanks to advancements in technology it has become easier for people to create and run businesses without insurmountable operating expenses. This has led to small business growth nationwide and changes in the way in which businesses operate. Below is a discussion of … [Read more...]

7 Ways Small Businesses Can Get Involved in Their Community

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Running a small business can be a challenge, but the best way to make an impact with your business is to first make an impact in the community you serve. Find out how to make what you are trying to sell relevant to your community by becoming a critical part of what it is that they need most: people who are willing to connect with them on a real and meaningful level. Whether … [Read more...]

5 Social Media DON’Ts for Small Businesses

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In this day and age, it should come as a shock to no one that the use of social media networks are imperative to any small business looking to succeed. With their ability to reach so many people so quickly and easily, such platforms are truly invaluable assets when publicizing a product or company. However, there are ways that Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and the rest can be … [Read more...]