My Conversation with Torri Singer about Snapetite: A Foodie’s Dream App


Tell me more about your app, Snapetite that you just released in the iOS app store on April 15th. What was the impetus to create this type of app? Basically the idea behind this was my Dad and I are always trying to enterprise different ideas. He’s a really creative person and growing up I was interested in cooking. I attended cooking classes and I eventually became a … [Read more...]

Africa 2.0 – The Mobile Movement


  Your $800 iPhone 6 is really cooland extremely powerful but the earth-shaking mobile movement that is changing life in Africa is happening on phones that are much less fancy. Essential features that you've long taken for granted, such as sending texts, emailing, basic access to the web and mobile banking are quickly reaching areas of the oldest continent -- … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Create A Mobile Strategy For Your Business

Mobile devices have drastically shifted the way today’s world works. From business to social life, mobile represents the largest form of communication with more than 50 percent of all Internet access done over a handheld device. A booming industry, many businesses are jumping on board to promote their label via mobile marketing. For businesses looking to expand their reach … [Read more...]

Top 5 Smartphones in 2014 for Business

Without a doubt, today’s smartphones are a business traveler’s best friend. These nifty devices keep everything rolling when you’re on the go. Not only are business travelers using smartphones to email, text, review spreadsheets and stay in touch with clients, but they are using them to book flights, compare hotel prices, rent cars and even monitor baggage. The iPhone 5S With … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Advance Sales through Mobile Marketing

Mobile apps

If you can’t remember the last time you walked, biked or drove without seeing someone clutching a smartphone, neither could we. You practically can’t scan a crowd without seeing at least one person staring at a smartphone. In the United States alone, research firm Nielsen revealed in a 2013 study that three out of five mobile phone users own a smartphone. The data also … [Read more...]

2014 Digital Marketing Trends [Infographic]

2014 Business Trends

2013 was a crazy year for digital marketing. Google made some big moves that have completely altered the way we do search engine optimization. In particular, the Hummingbird update, the privatization of keyword data for organic searches, the added significance of Authorship and the lack of a PageRank update since February all indicate a major shift in how we’ll be doing SEO in … [Read more...]

Why Aren’t Small Businesses Using Local Paid Search and Mobile?

Local SEO

Any small-business owner worth his or her salt owns a smartphone to use for business. They might be sending out tweets on the company Twitter account, answering business emails or ordering new products from a vendor. Whatever the reason, mobile phones are an indispensable part of owning a small business these days. So it comes as a big surprise that small businesses are not … [Read more...]

How to Write a Great Mobile Ad

Mobile Marketing

Mobile ads should be treated differently than every other ad medium; they target an audience with vastly dissimilar needs and with a completely different consumer mentality than that targeted via desktop or television. Your creative messaging must cater to this clearly separate group with ads custom-made for mobile users, or your engagement will suffer. If you haven’t yet, … [Read more...]

Keeping up With the Times: 6 Key Changes in Office Communication over the Past Decade

Small Business Office

Image via Flickr by dprevite Today's typical office environment looks a little different from what it did ten years ago. If you want to keep up with the times, then you may want to consider these six changes. Without them, your office remains in the dark ages. Desk Phones Have Gone Mobile Ten years ago, almost everyone (except maybe the boss) had to sit at a desk next to a … [Read more...]

Why Not Having a Mobile Website Is Actually Costing You Money

Mobile Marketing

It's no secret that the eyes of computer users are drifting away from their desktop screens and toward their mobile phones. However, a number of businesses don’t seem to realize that they have to adjust their websites accordingly to accommodate this shift (in May, an Adobe study revealed that 45% of businesses still don’t have a mobile-optimized site or app). Allow me to … [Read more...]