Reaching Content Nirvana: The Right Keywords and Getting to the Point = Success!

Choosing Target Keywords



This post highlights how a recent email campaign’s data helped me realize that creating targeted, easy-to-digest, interesting content is what mine (and your) target market is looking for and why it brings online success.
I work at a small web development company and just sent out our November email newsletter last Tuesday. The newsletter’s topic: Getting your website and Internet marketing strategy into shape for the holiday season.
In our email newsletter, I briefly highlighted a recent post on our keyword research process, with a link to the post on our blog. After less than a week of data, it has by far the highest click through rate out of all of the three links I included in the newsletter that lead to our most current blog posts.
Target Keywords
An email blast from a few months before this had a similar blog post that covered the topic, “how can I see what other websites are using for keywords” which also received the highest amount of clicks.
Target Keywords - Content Click Through Rate
Surprisingly, the November newsletter actually has the highest click through rate out of all of the newsletters recently distributed the last few months, even though this time, I mistakenly typed “November Newsletter” instead of a longer, enticing subject line, which I normally do.
Email Campaign Target Keyword Click Through Rate
I found this data to be very interesting. I didn’t even split test this email blast; everyone had the same version.

It had me asking myself a few questions:

  • Was it because the subject line was cut-and-dry, “November Newsletter” the reason we had the highest newsletter open rate in months?
  • Did it work better instead of a long subject line because it didn’t have long, possibly confusing words that might turn our recipients off from opening it?
  • Was the reason the keyword research posts were so popular because our readers want more help and information on keyword research than anything else we were talking about?

Of course, in order to be sure that the above conclusions are true, it would require more tests and data to come up with a completely accurate answer.

These recent statistics from the newsletter open rates are very interesting, and it fits exactly into the subject of a great blog post I recently came across on Copyblogger, “The 3 Kinds of Writing That Builds a Business.”

This great post on writing for business is a collaboration of Brian Clark and Sonia Simone, which highlights the “AIDA formula” – Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action, and how your writing and business will change forever by following these writing principles.

Since the majority of the clients I work with are small business owners, and therefore the recipients of the newsletter, I concluded from this preliminary data that they are very interested in knowing which keywords will bring them the business they need more than anything else Internet marketing related. It makes sense too because content should be the basis of every Internet marketing strategy. And who doesn’t want more targeted, conversion oriented traffic?

Copyblogger has its whole business model focused around writing great content while capturing the interest of their target market, and teaches the importance of this to its reader’s every day.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could build your business tenfold by creating simple yet interesting and useful content online? If Copyblogger says it can happen, and they are a proven example, it must be true, right? The best performing websites in a certain niche usually have the best content.

So, to get to the point, the information from my email campaign really helped me figure out what our readers want. So I encourage every visitor reading this post to start working on a targeted keyword-focused content strategy for your business today. The worst thing that can happen is that you have better content, and build a better business.

I’m hoping the statistics from this post’s visitor data will help solidify my conclusions even more, so you should probably check back here soon for a Part II!


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