Quick Vid: SEM on Mobile and Tablet Devices

SEM on Mobile DevicesIf you haven’t heard the news, this just in: mobile is huge. In fact by 2015, the research firm IDC predicts that the number of U.S. mobile internet users will surpass their wired counterparts by 2015. What this means is simple…within a few years, mobile devices in the U.S. will become the preferred method to access the internet over desktops and laptops.

With the proliferation of mobile users comes increased opportunities for brands and marketers to advertise on these platforms. That’s where my advice comes in. In the below video I take you through the three reasons why your small business needs to be independently managing and targeting your SEM campaigns to mobile and tablet devices (that is, if you have set-up SEM campaigns in the first place. If you haven’t set these up, please refer to my 4-step guide on SEM for Small Businesses).

Before diving into the video, here are a few more mobile stats that will blow your mind and convince you that your small business must leverage these platforms to promote your brand or business:

  • 46% of US mobile users now have smartphones (Neilsen)
  • 19% of Americans now own tablets, eReaders – this is up from 10% in early December (Pew Internet Project)
  • Satisfaction is lower with mobile than PC websites – According to a Foresee Results study, “mobile shoppers who are highly satisfied with their mobile experience are 54% more likely to consider the company next time they want to make a similar purchase, and twice as likely to buy from the retailer’s mobile channel again.” (ForeSee Results)

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