Getting the Facebook Fish to Take the Bait

A few weeks ago, our very own Dan Ettinger talked about Facebook as an effective marketing tool. He wrote how, whether you like it or not, Facebook is an essential element in your online marketing strategy; your company will seem antiquated without it.

As Dan wrapped up his post, we wrote,

“ Beth Reily of Kraft Foods openly admits it’s nice to “fish where the fish are.” And from a consumer’s standpoint, it’s great to not sift through all the meaningless drivel on Facebook in order to find a relevant promotion.”

The fish are on Facebook and you should be too. But how do you get them to take the bait? You need a reason to get your customers to your Facebook page, get them to “like” you and, of course, engage.

Before you can decide how to engage your customers, you need customers to “Like” your page, you need to build a customer base, and decide what that population would benefit from in terms of engagement.

No matter how many books, articles or blog posts I read about Facebook and social media marketing, they all say that your customers need a reason to go to your page and to “Like” you – otherwise, they simply won’t.

The first step you need to take is to review our posts [here, and here] on conducting a Communications Audit in order to make sure that it is easy for your customers to find and recognize you on Facebook.

Next, decide what it is that will interest your customers. Depending on what your business does, sells or provides, you will need to determine what would attract their attention.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Coupons for discounts or free gifts with purchase. This will not only get your customers to like you, but they will be more likely to continue to stay Facebook fans in hopes of future promotions. Not to mention the fact that it will get them in your establishment or on your website.
  2. Contests. Facebook is a social platform, and individuals use Facebook in their free time for leisure. Contests are fun, and this could be a good way to target your customer base, get them engaged and learn more about their demographics and psychographics which would help with inbound and outbound marketing strategies.
  3. Charity. If your business is planning to give to a charity, use Facebook by advertising that for each fan you will contribute a certain amount – and give them an option to make a donation as well.
  4. Content. Create and give access to your fans that is exclusive to them. Individuals like to be in the know and to feel special – and this will satisfy two of those needs.
  5. Connections. Feature them, individually or as a group. Give them a reason to feel  connected to you and your brand and they will keep coming back.

If you need some help or advice, or simply want some feedback on your Facebook page or on ideas for setting the bait, let  us know! Comment here, or reach out on Twitter @GetBusyMedia or on our Facebook page, search “Get Busy Media”



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