Get Busy Media Weekly Wrap-Up: 8/14-8/19

Week in ReviewHey there, we hope you enjoyed this week’s batch of articles. Next week we have great posts on tap, including a post on how to create kick-ass Facebook ads and the fourth and final installment of the Google Adwords series.

Here’s the news for the week:

Google Agrees to Buy Motorola for $12.5 billion

From early reports, it appears Google’s intents behind acquiring Motorola in its largest acquisition price to date, is for Motorola’s patents. Implicit in this deal is the growing need for Google to be a major player in the mobile space and pit itself directly against Apple and Microsoft. Ad Age takes you through a nice overview of what this acquisition means for advertisers, what it means for Google and the merits of legality behind this acquisition.

LinkedIn Enhances Mobile Experience:

LinkedIn has launched a major overhaul of its mobile apps for iPhone and Android, as well as a brand new HTML5 mobile web app.

Google Enhances Organic Sitelinks

Google has expanded its organic sitelinks to “include full-size links, Display URL and a one line description. Google has also increased the number of organic sitelinks from 8 to 12.

Brian Pasch, CEO of PCG Digital Marketing, shares with us in a post on Tuesday, recent changes Google has implemented to its organic listings, including the expanded organic sitelinks.

Google’s Dilemma with Orkut

Since Google introduced Google +, many have wondered what Google would do with Orkut and its nearly 52 million users. Although this network has already seen its best days, this social network still maintains its position as the market leader in Brazil. Michael Scissons offers interesting insights into Google’s dilemma and how marketers should handle social media marketing efforts in Brazil.

Facebook Begins Rolling Out New Left-Hand Navigation

In an effort to make Facebook Apps more engaging, Facebook has begun rolling out a restructured left-hand navigation that includes revamped bookmarks and notifications for Pages, Groups and Apps.

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