Easy Content: Utilizing PLR Articles

PLR ContentWorking with PLR content is generally easy and can be utilized by new bloggers and experienced bloggers alike as part of their online marketing strategy. Everyone has likely heard the mantra “content is king.” While not everyone agrees with that approach, common sense says, an up-to-date blog, with quality content has a higher chance of success than a blog with stagnant content.

That being said, not everyone can write every single day. But, the good news is that there are ways around that.

Private Label Rights (PLR)

In the simplest terms, private label rights is defined as content that is written by someone other than yourself that you purchase and are able to claim as your own. It’s important to note that there are different types of PLR content and before you go this route you need to make sure you understand what you can and cannot do with the PLR content.

Why Use PLR Content? How can it benefit your site?

Generally speaking the point of PLR content is that you can edit it, break it apart, add to it and publish it as your own. There’s still some work involved on your part but it’s much easier to edit an article than it is to create one from scratch for most people. The worst thing you can do is take a PLR article and publish it as is. That can result in a duplicate content penalty in the search engines. Rather, you should think of PLR as a base or starting point. Most experts suggest altering the content by at least fifty-percent.

PLR content is commonly sold in packs, which means you aren’t the only website owner that is buying and using the content. There are sites that simply sell packs of content or there are membership sites that you can join that produce new packs each month. Getting back to ‘duplicate content penalty,’ refers to when other sites use the same content and the search engines deem the page too similar thereby labeling the site a ‘supplemental listing’ which ensures you will not receive much traffic to your site.

What to Consider When purchasing PLR Content

How many packs are sold? Is there a restriction?

Can the content be freely distributed?

The answers to the above questions are particularly important when looking for fresh, original content that isn’t already published on a ton of websites. But, if you heed the warning to alter the content, this won’t be a huge concern.

Content Quality

Before joining a membership site or buying an article pack, verify the quality of content. Editing is one thing, but if the article, on its own merit is riddled with grammatical errors or doesn’t make sense, you have just made your job that much harder and that’s the very thing we are trying to avoid. The quality standards you accept will of course depend on your objective – do you need fluff content or do you wish to engage with your readers and visitors?

Examples of Utilizing PLR Content

Use the content in an eBook, which serves as a good viral marketing tool.

Create an auto-responder series. Or use in your newsletter.

Re-word and add to your website/blog as ongoing, fresh content.

Simply use the content as a starting point and branch off to basically anything you need.

PLR Takeaways

Make sure you understand the guidelines and restrictions before buying and/or using PLR content.

Do your research, do you just want to purchase a pack here and there as needed or is joining a membership beneficial in terms of always having new content? And, is it cheaper?

Most importantly, alter the content to avoid a duplicate content penalty.

Getting Started with PLR

If you have always wanted to own a site and just haven’t known where to start this can be a great way to get started as the overhead isn’t much.

Start by researching the best laptop for your business on sites such as Best Business Buys which offers product reviews. I have found the Lenovo brand to be the best option. The programs I use are Word and Copyscape; a professional plagiarism checker. You can buy a minimum of 100 credits (at .5 cents apiece, $5.00). The program is handy because you can paste in your article and see what other sites match your content and by what percentage to avoid duplicate content.

Alternatively, if you are a quick writer you might want to be the person that starts selling the article packs to other marketers and bloggers. Either way, utilizing PLR content has many pros when used with caution. How many of you have used PLR content? Have your experiences been good? Please share your thoughts in the Comments section below.


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    great post here. PLR is a great way to begin creating content for your website. I actually used plr for one of my first 2 posts during the relaunch of my blog and it was a huge hit and actually went mini viral. all it takes is putting the effort in to infuse your personality into it and VOILA you have some ORIGINAL content you can take to market 😉 thanks for sharing this post with our bizsugar community. I appreciate it!


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