How to Grow and Expand your Business without Losing your Hometown Roots


Where I grew up in rural Maryland, everyone knew my name and I knew theirs. As soon as something happened, it was news. Social media? Please -- Twitter is slower than molasses compared to how fast word spread in my little corner of the world. Of course, as soon as I had the inkling to delve into entrepreneurship, the words had hardly left my mouth before I had relatives, … [Read more...]

WhichPic Launch: Conversation with Founder Mike Jakovcic

LeBron James

Tell me more about WhichPic? What was the impetus for creating this app and how are you looking to position this app to users in the marketplace? One day I was looking through my pictures trying to figure out which picture I was going to put on LinkedIn as my LinkedIn profile picture. I wanted to use the most professional picture I had and I honestly couldn't decide. In my … [Read more...]

Secrets Of Hyper-Responsive Customers

Hyper-responsive customers

Your business needs hyper-responsive customers to move forward. These customers are the backbone to any successful company and should heavily influence how you conduct yourself and operate your company. In order to market to these customers, you need to be able to first understand who they are and what influences their buying decisions. Who Are Hyper-Responsive … [Read more...]

Google+ Posts for the Masses: Why You Should Start Advertising Your Plus Posts

Google Plus Ads

Google has started yet another ad-volution: Google +Post Ads designed for the masses. Started just last April, companies have begun to personalize Google+ pages to advertise brands. The result? In just a few months, brand pages have more than 1,000 followers. The secret lies at the heart of Google’s philosophy – to emphasize the idea behind the thing it’s selling, to give … [Read more...]

Double Your Instagram Followers In Just 5 Minutes Per Day


Instagram is becoming a popular aspect of social media marketing and with more than 200 million monthly users it is easy to see why. That is a large audience that you could be tapping into in order to promote your products and services. So how do you get started? The great thing about Instagram is that you do not necessarily need to have a massive following in order to be a … [Read more...]

How Small Businesses can Leverage Online Marketing Channels

SEO for Small Businesses

Small businesses may not have the same budget, staff and influence of a large enterprise, but there are still plenty of opportunities for a creative company. And while it may seem like these big companies dominate the online market, that isn’t necessarily the truth. There are some advantages to being a small business in this competition because you can actually do a lot of … [Read more...]

Social TV: The Past, The Present, and the Future

Social Media For Small Business

The worlds of social media and television seem to be very quickly becoming one in the same. Just a few years ago there was just live tweeting- actors, directors or even just fans of shows would tweet about their favorite program as it was transpiring. They would even create unique hashtags so fans knew how to join the conversation. Then there were second screen apps - Mobile … [Read more...]

5 Must-Dos on Twitter for Every Entrepreneur


Twitter, with 241 million monthly active users, is a social platform you cannot afford to ignore. As an entrepreneur who wants to engage the attention of a perceptive target audience, there can be no better friend than Twitter. It’s a great tool for community building, extending brand awareness, connecting with other businesses and listening to conversations about your brand. … [Read more...]

How A NJ Modular Home Company Used Rafflecopter to Build Its Name and Giveaway $25k

NJ Modular Home Company

When Hurricane Sandy swept the east coast and destroyed many homes in New Jersey and New York in its path, several unfortunate victims had no idea what to do next. Neighbors banded together and local businesses helped gather food and clothes for the victims. However, Coastal Modular Group, a NJ modular home company, set to do more than just donate a few articles of … [Read more...]