Here Come the Millennials! Who They Are and How They Affect Your Business


The economic boom of the 90's was fueled by the coming of age of the large Baby Boomer generation. The fortunes of brands depended on whether they pampered and kept Boomers happy enough to buy from them and keep coming back for more. Today the Boomers are a fading generation, with most heading into retirement and the youngest of them starting to cut back on the discretionary … [Read more...]

How to Protect Your Business from Cyber Attacks

Cyber Security

It’s a frequent news story that you’re probably familiar with: businesses – and in many cases, their customers – are falling victim to cyber attacks and hacks more than ever before. In fact, it’s regular for these stories to trend on social media sites and as top features on major news networks. Cyber attacks are a serious and prevailing issue. From large banks and credit … [Read more...]

Letters from My Mother: Advice from 8 Years of Correspondence

Mom and I

Where do I begin with my mother? She’s been there for me every step of the way. This has always been apparent to me during the last 25+ years of my life but recent change and reflection have truly made me appreciate the amazing mother she has been to my three sisters and I for the past quarter century. For the last two months, I have been taking regular trips home to Fair … [Read more...]

Big Agency Waste

Media Buyers

There are too many business practices that are still carried out because, “That’s the way it has always been done.” It really boils down to me wanting to fight the bureaucracy of the office, employees who never see a client but have to wear a shirt and tie for some reason, people coming in at 9am when they don’t have anything to do, or staying until 6:30 because they don’t want … [Read more...]

My Top Picks for Marketing Blogs


Below is a list of what I consider to be great resources and my "go to's"  for information on a variety of marketing topics: Search Engine Optimization    Search Engine Land SeoMoz Search News Central Matt Cutts' Blog - (Google's Head of Spam) Pay Per Click Marketing PPC Hero Google's PPC Blog PPC Blog PR, Social, & Digital Marketing Ogilvy … [Read more...]

The Psychology of Product Packaging

Coke Bottles

Marketers know that packaging is one of the keys to selling a product, and they package goods with this end goal in mind. Marketers also rely on psychologists who have identified what causes products to jump off shelves and into consumers' hands from product label printing and design to packaging as a whole. The Use of Color Psychologists think that color may be the most … [Read more...]

8 Must Do’s This Summer to Reinvigorate Yourself

Sun Peaking Through Clouds

Can you believe it? The calendar has already turned on May; June’s the new kid on the block. With Memorial Day now in our rearview mirror, we’re now officially in summer mode and for small businesses this often means leaner times (unless of course you are selling fishing equipment or renting boats). Instead of focusing on how you can cut costs and save this summer, I have … [Read more...]

Lessons Learned from a Month of Wisdom

Diploma and Cap - Graduation

The month of May is a month of wisdom. Hundreds of scientists, politicians, coaches, actors, writers and policymakers amble across the stage at countless numbers of commencements and deliver hair raising, riveting speeches to wide-eyed 22-year olds. Up until this point, this is about the only time you’re going to get the undivided attention of thousands of “kids.” And let’s be … [Read more...]

5 Ways to ReVamp Your Website to Help Close the Sale


So, you have a website. Let's assume it has a decent looking design, explains what your business is and does, list your products and services,and has a decent amount of content. That's all you need, right? But is it enough to have a pretty design and simply list your business' products and services? The harsh reality is no - its not enough to just list your products and … [Read more...]

Reconnect with Yourself: 10 Tips on How to Unleash Your Inner Chi

Meet Others

By now you know that we’re a digital marketing resource center that focuses on helping small businesses and startups with their marketing and communications strategies. Our support and expertise does not just reside inside this “digital marketing box.” We’re also here to provide you with tips outside of this box. I speak to too many people today and their chief complaints … [Read more...]