You Suck At Sales

Bad Sales

Sitting through media sales presentations tends to be a painful experience, which is usually due to a handful of recurring reasons. These are highlighted below, in what I like to call "why you're failing as a salesperson." Your Story Is Boring A sales pitch isn't meant to be a history lesson. Nobody wants to hear a 15-minute monologue on why your company was built or … [Read more...]

Prevent Cyber Crime Before It Starts

Cyber Security

Have you ever received an email from someone you didn’t know who wanted you to link to their site? Or maybe you opened a document that you thought was safe only to get a computer virus months later? With the advancement of any new technology comes the advancement of scams and hacking. These invisible criminals are getting smarter and much more creative than they were only two … [Read more...]

Bitcoin and Business


Bitcoin is one of the most hotly debated business issues of the moment and, with some big scandals over the past couple of months, the topic has been almost impossible to avoid. You might not be interested in the complicated algorithms behind how it works, or how governments across the world are struggling with how to tax it - but what will interest you is how Bitcoin could … [Read more...]

What Happy Hour Can Do for Your Productivity: How After Work Events Strengthen Your Team


If the time that you and your team spends together begins and ends at the office door, you’re doing something wrong. You’re missing out on a huge opportunity to create a happier and more productive workplace. You don’t all have to be best friends and hang out on weekends, but you should be making a concerted effort to organize events that allow people to socialize outside … [Read more...]

7 Trump Cards Small Businesses Hold Over Large Businesses

trump card feature

Sometimes running a small business can feel like a race against time with the odds of success dwindling with each passing minute. At times like that, it’s easy to look at the resources available to large businesses with envy. Then we try to benchmark their strategies, burning even more of our budget. In these moments of desperation, it’s easy to forget that small businesses … [Read more...]

How to Navigate the Biggest Virtual Change

Web Design Mistakes

Ask anyone today how a typical workday goes for them and you'd get varying answers. People just don't go to work first thing in the morning anymore. While many still work around typical schedules, a growing number have shifted to become a part of a virtual working environment, working when they can, when needed, and wherever they are. Companies big and small are catching on, … [Read more...]

“Show me the Money!”

Ultra Music Festival

This iconic line from 1996 Tom Cruise smash “Jerry McGuire,” while profound for its time, has seen its meaning distorted over time. To the modern consumer, this phrase is spoken with the implication that an athlete needs to take huge risks and deliver in a big way if they want to get the big bucks and equally handsome rewards. Most people today see brands in this light. The … [Read more...]

Is It Possible to Raise Prices Without Losing Customers?

Raising Prices

Price increases are an unfortunate reality for most businesses. If it’s not done correctly, consumers could respond negatively and harm a company’s reputation and bottom line. If your customers think you’re raising prices out of sheer profiteering or other hidden motives, you’re going to have a long, hard road to travel. On the other hand, there are ways to raise prices without … [Read more...]

The Myth of Working Hard for Success

Properly Tracking Mobile in the Sales Funnel

The title of this article might contradict what you were taught at school, but bear with us. Slogging away at something that isn’t working will not get you anywhere. Albert Einstein is often quoted as having said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time.” If you are finding that you are not achieving as much as you want or … [Read more...]

The Internet Of Things Could Be Big Business For The Hosting Industry


The Internet of Things (IoT) has been generating a significant buzz of late, with everyone from the usual tech journalists to scaremongering tabloids jumping on board. Underneath all the stories about data privacy, spamming fridges and IoT boosterism, something serious is going on that has the potential to benefit the bottom lines of hosting providers and the data center … [Read more...]