How to Diversify your Website’s Revenue

Website Monetization

For local businesses the notion of diversification of revenue is a very on-trend discussion. A lot of businesses want to be able to find new ways of generating revenue, but at no cost to current product or service quality. Well, fortunately there are a myriad of ways to diversify revenue streams and not only allow your site to make more money, but also insulate your website … [Read more...]

The Secrets of Creating A Killer Blog Post [INFOGRAPHIC]

Secrets of a Killer Blog Post

The long term success of any blog is heavily dependent on its ability to capture the attention of its target audience. One way to ensure this is to work with only high quality, engaging content. This might seem like a difficult task, but it is easy when you know how! Thanks to this new infographic from, you can now access a great step by step guide to … [Read more...]

5 Digital Trends and Tactics Small Businesses Can Simply Ignore

digital trends

On the Internet, people want clear information and social engagement — not overt sales pitches — so marketers are focusing on delivering quality content and fostering relationships. Community building, inbound marketing and content seduction are among the most popular strategies at play today. As Google's algorithms continue updating and web design boundaries continue … [Read more...]

My Conversation with Pizza Dude: How Two Students Built a Pizza Company & a Brand

BBQ Chicken - PizzaDude

18 and 20 year old college students rarely make pizza, heck they rarely make any type of food. They’re more likely to order ‘za at 2am to quench their insatiable appetites. Adam Folta had a different idea. Instead of spending his Thursday evenings buying pizza from a local shop in Greencastle, Indiana, home of DePauw University, he began buying DiGiorno pizzas in bulk and … [Read more...]

Generosity Marketing – How Can You Use It?

Generosity Marketing

  Huh, generosity and marketing? They just don’t seem to fit together.  In the “all about me” world we live in, aren’t companies supposed to focus on themselves? Just about every ad we see, we are being sold on why we should buy this brand instead of that, why we need the latest and greatest everything.  If we saw an ad where a company was giving something away for … [Read more...]

10 Top WordPress Plugins For Content Marketers (All Free To Use)

Wordpress Plugins

WordPress is an amazing content management system. The problem is that despite the wide range of plugins that are available – it’s easy to forget sometimes that there are certain tasks that could be made much easier. In this post I am going to share a number of very useful plugins that will help us as content marketers; get more done, optimize our content and improve … [Read more...]

10 Things Advertisers Are Doing Wrong

Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

Working with some of the largest brands and agencies in the world has granted me insight into how different advertisers grow their presence online. I have learned from extraordinarily talented marketers and been left dumbfounded by the poor advertising decisions of others. Regardless of how good or bad they are, however, most advertisers seem to fall short of perfection by … [Read more...]

How to Establish a Virtual Presence Anywhere in the World

3 Technology Strategies to Grow Your Biz

Look at that guy over there staring intently at the molded piece of aluminum and glass, moving his thumbs deftly over the front of the object without making a sound. Yeah, it’s a smartphone, and he could be doing one of 10,000 different things with it. 2014 couldn’t look any different than, say, 1985. Aside from the ‘80’s nostalgia that will (hopefully) never go away, … [Read more...]

Who Doesn’t Want to be Popular?

Get More Traffic

“Frequently updating your blog with useful content is the first step to building your blog’s audience.” Well, jeez - what a shocker! Having great content means that people will want to read my stuff? Alright people, calm down. I know your mind is blown but we need to get back to reality... The truth is this: yes, great content triumphs all. And SEO is the cat’s meow. But … [Read more...]

Building Community From the Ground Up

Building Community

How did I build the Vsnap community? Well the idea is brilliant and when we launched EVERYONE was stoked about it. :: drops the mic :: Well, that may have been awesome, but that's not exactly how it went down. Here's the real deal, and I hope you startuppers find it helpful! How it started... I joined Vsnap, pre-product, in May of 2011. If you want to read the whole … [Read more...]