3 Smartphone App Tutorials to Help You Get Started

Building Your First App

Do you have an insightful idea for an app, but have no idea how to make it yourself? Believe it or not, you don't have to be a technology expert to create your own app. In fact, there are several helpful tutorials available to help walk you through the steps for creating an app. Whether you want to develop apps for Android or iPhone, a little research is all you need to bring … [Read more...]

Africa 2.0 – The Mobile Movement


  Your $800 iPhone 6 is really cooland extremely powerfulbut the earth-shaking mobile movement that is changing life in Africa is happening on phones that are much less fancy. Essential features that you've long taken for granted, such as sending texts, emailing, basic access to the web and mobile banking are quickly reaching areas of the oldest continent -- … [Read more...]

5 Things Publishers Are Doing Wrong In Mobile

Mobile Monetization

The traffic shift from desktop to mobile has led to colossal disruptions in publisher monetization. Some publishers have succeeded during this shift and others have failed miserably, but all of them have committed at least one of the sins listed below when monetizing their mobile traffic. Having Too Many Ads Nobody browses the web (or uses their favorite apps) with the … [Read more...]

Custom Mobile Apps: Native or Responsive Web App?

Responsive Design vs. Native Apps

When your business sets out to create a custom mobile application, one of the biggest questions you’re going to have to answer is whether you will build a native or responsive web app. Both approaches can make a lot of sense, and different goals may lend themselves more obviously to one or the other. But which one makes sense for you? There are some key advantages to each … [Read more...]

The Top 3 Mobile App Software Platforms

Mobile apps

As mobile app developers continue to get creative and technology becomes more streamlined, mobile software platforms have emerged that allow people with little coding knowledge to create an attractive app. As reported by Mashable, there are three platforms that stand out from the crowd. Whether creating an app for fun or as a part of your business’ mobile strategy, these three … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Create A Mobile Strategy For Your Business

Mobile devices have drastically shifted the way today’s world works. From business to social life, mobile represents the largest form of communication with more than 50 percent of all Internet access done over a handheld device. A booming industry, many businesses are jumping on board to promote their label via mobile marketing. For businesses looking to expand their reach … [Read more...]

Top 5 Smartphones in 2014 for Business

Without a doubt, today’s smartphones are a business traveler’s best friend. These nifty devices keep everything rolling when you’re on the go. Not only are business travelers using smartphones to email, text, review spreadsheets and stay in touch with clients, but they are using them to book flights, compare hotel prices, rent cars and even monitor baggage. The iPhone 5S With … [Read more...]

Still Seeking Your Brand’s Social Media Soulmate? Time to Jump on Jelly

Jelly Mobile App

Have you ever wondered when social media platforms would come to a head? As in, really merge to create a useful network of information? Well, it’s happening. And it’s all Twitter co-founder Biz Stone’s fault. Stone introduced Jelly, an iOS and Android app. Jelly enables users to get real-time information by gathering public opinion and answers for their pictures, a … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Advance Sales through Mobile Marketing

Mobile apps

If you can’t remember the last time you walked, biked or drove without seeing someone clutching a smartphone, neither could we. You practically can’t scan a crowd without seeing at least one person staring at a smartphone. In the United States alone, research firm Nielsen revealed in a 2013 study that three out of five mobile phone users own a smartphone. The data also … [Read more...]

5 Hot Trends in Mobile Marketing That Boost Business

Mobile apps

Today's mobile technology is a 24/7 phenomenon. People go to sleep at night with their tablets by their side. They wake up in the morning and immediately check their phones for messages. Tablets and smartphones bling and bleep all day long, alerting consumers to important news and correspondences. While it's true that today's fast-paced digital landscape has caught some "old … [Read more...]