My Conversation with Pierre Drescher, Founder of The Creative Loft

The Creative Loft

Tell me more about yourself? What did you do before you founded The Creative Loft? I started The Creative Loft not too long after I graduated from University. I focused on Information Systems - I have always bridged the gap between information and technology. I was working for a company in Spain and then I moved back to New York where I worked in IT. I was looking to get … [Read more...]

How to Effectively Harness the Power of the Crowd for Your Small Business


As a small business owner, it's not uncommon to put in close to 100 hours of work every week. Starting out is the hardest part of the process because there are so many initial details to take care of, and there's going to be blood, sweat and tears before you become a more established business. Owners who are involved in every aspect of the business are clearly dedicated, if … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Jump into a New Tech Career Without Getting Another Degree‏

Silicon Valley

Be honest, how much did you know about yourself and what you wanted out of life when you were 18 years old? If you were like most college freshmen, you probably didn’t know much about the direction you wanted to head.  You picked your undergraduate major based on some interest you had developed in high school without thinking too much about what a career in that field would … [Read more...]

Chargebacks Could Thwart Your Entrepreneurial Brilliance


You have invested boucou cash in your upstart. You have rallied friends and family to help support the success of your brain child. Blood, sweat and tears have created the success that you’re currently enjoying. Now you’re smacked in the face with a financial conundrum: chargebacks, an entrepreneur’s worst nightmare. No one wants to give hard earned money back. So, what’s … [Read more...]

Realities Of The Responsibility of Your Own Business


Starting up your own business seems like the ultimate freedom. No more bossy bosses. No more poor pay. No more horrendous hours... right? Well, maybe not. But before you’re put off entirely, there are clearly many pros – as well as the cons - to running your own start-up. It’s a big step, so perhaps take some time to put everything into consideration first... Advantages When … [Read more...]

Seeking Business Funding as a Small Business Owner [Infographic]


Imagine having an income without having a boss. Sounds so ideal, isn’t it? That’s generally the arrangement when you are running your own business. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Owning a small business can mean owning all of the successes (and failures) of the business and drive the direction and tone for your company. It means taking more control of your  time, … [Read more...]

Your Bad Teeth & Breath are Bad for Business 3 Ways Oral Hygiene Impacts Your Career

Smile Quote

We’re all educated, mature adults who never make superficial judgments about others, right? Wrong. No matter how intelligent, grown up or nonjudgmental we think we are, we all make unconscious assumptions about people based on shallow observations. Before you go thinking that that’s going to change anytime soon, you should realize that these superficial judgments are just … [Read more...]

My Conversation with Entrepreneur & Business Owner Steve Goedeker


  Before we dive into the story of Goedeker's, I would love to hear more about your background prior to starting Goedeker's and a little bit more about the history of the store. My dad started Goedeker's in 1951 by repairing TV's in his basement. Soon after he opened a TV repair shop and then a few years later started selling TV's - I would work with my dad after … [Read more...]

My Conversation with J.Y. Ping, Founder of

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Disruptors have a certain way of seeing change before change actually takes place. J.Y. Ping is one of those individuals. During the last three years he has been working tirelessly to build, an online LSAT prep company that is offering shorter, more engaging courses at a fraction of the cost. JY's goal: to disrupt legal education. Three years in, he's doing a heck … [Read more...]

Strategic Planning for Your Marketing: eBook by IIM

Strategic Plan

Have you ever put a lot of thought into your company’s strategic planning process? Well if you’re a marketer or business owner, this is something you absolutely should dig deep into and reap the rewards of staying ahead of the competition while at the same time anticipating your customers’ needs and desires. A great starting point is this excellent free ebook by the people … [Read more...]