My Conversation with Mike Glezos


"This is an important thing to understand: always being humble enough to realize that you don’t know everything. There’s someone out there who can teach you something." – Mike Glezos, March 27th 2014 Last month I was fortunate enough to speak with Mike Glezos, vice president of digital marketing at corpNet and founder of Biz Name Wiz, a business naming agency. During our … [Read more...]

5 Must-Dos on Twitter for Every Entrepreneur


Twitter, with 241 million monthly active users, is a social platform you cannot afford to ignore. As an entrepreneur who wants to engage the attention of a perceptive target audience, there can be no better friend than Twitter. It’s a great tool for community building, extending brand awareness, connecting with other businesses and listening to conversations about your brand. … [Read more...]

20 Myths to Steer Clear of When Starting a Small Business

Interview with Mike Glezos

Several myths related to small businesses are well nurtured by people and eagerly passed on to new entrants. However, to run your business confidently and successfully, you need to have clarity in your mind and not get confused with these false notions.  1. If you are a start-up the Government will provide a grant There is no blanket assistance or grants that the Government … [Read more...]

7 Trump Cards Small Businesses Hold Over Large Businesses

trump card feature

Sometimes running a small business can feel like a race against time with the odds of success dwindling with each passing minute. At times like that, it’s easy to look at the resources available to large businesses with envy. Then we try to benchmark their strategies, burning even more of our budget. In these moments of desperation, it’s easy to forget that small businesses … [Read more...]

What a Business Should Prioritize in Times of Financial Hardship

Interview with Mike Glezos

The continued success of a struggling business depends on the business owner’s ability to make prudent decisions under financial stress.  In 25 years of representing struggling businesses (and unpaid lenders), I have witnessed many bad business decisions. In this article, I'll share some of my experiences in order to help you avoid making the same poor choices for your … [Read more...]

Pull Up a Chair: Business Seating for Professional Success

Business Seating

Imagine that you’re going in for a job interview. You’ve followed all the advice that books, blogs, and other professionals have provided: you’re well-groomed, you’ve printed out crisp copies of your resume, and you’ve gone over common interview questions and your responses to them. Surely nothing could go wrong… but then you enter the interview room and find that your … [Read more...]

Still Seeking Your Brand’s Social Media Soulmate? Time to Jump on Jelly

Jelly Mobile App

Have you ever wondered when social media platforms would come to a head? As in, really merge to create a useful network of information? Well, it’s happening. And it’s all Twitter co-founder Biz Stone’s fault. Stone introduced Jelly, an iOS and Android app. Jelly enables users to get real-time information by gathering public opinion and answers for their pictures, a … [Read more...]

Is Your Business a Gathering Place?

Country Store

You’ve begged and borrowed to start your small business. You’ve spent weeks or months building your retail store or your online store. You’ve bought your equipment and inventory, set up your cash register or shopping cart, hired a couple of employees and hung out your “open” sign. You’re like a racehorse at the starting gate, ready to greet your new customers and start making … [Read more...]

My Conversation with Pizza Dude: How Two Students Built a Pizza Company & a Brand

BBQ Chicken - PizzaDude

18 and 20 year old college students rarely make pizza, heck they rarely make any type of food. They’re more likely to order ‘za at 2am to quench their insatiable appetites. Adam Folta had a different idea. Instead of spending his Thursday evenings buying pizza from a local shop in Greencastle, Indiana, home of DePauw University, he began buying DiGiorno pizzas in bulk and … [Read more...]

Starting a Business vs. Buying a Franchise


Taking charge of your career and income by making an investment in business is a decision that many think about but hesitate to put into action. The apprehension is understandable when you consider that this is a major life decision, and like any investment, it has the potential for great reward but also carries a good deal of risk. There are also many options as far as … [Read more...]