My Conversation with Torri Singer about Snapetite: A Foodie’s Dream App


Tell me more about your app, Snapetite that you just released in the iOS app store on April 15th. What was the impetus to create this type of app? Basically the idea behind this was my Dad and I are always trying to enterprise different ideas. He’s a really creative person and growing up I was interested in cooking. I attended cooking classes and I eventually became a … [Read more...]

7 Tips for Startups to Stay Out of Debt


Starting with nothing and building a business from the ground up is one of the proudest of American dreams. Unfortunately, 50% to 70% of all small business startups don't make it past their first 18 months in business. Bad debt management is one of the biggest reasons small businesses fail. Here are some tips to help you stay out of debt and build your business on a solid … [Read more...]

Press Release: Want an Honest Opinion? Whichpic it.

Whichpic Press Release

WANT AN HONEST OPINION? WHICHPIC IT. THE NEWEST WAY TO GET OPINIONS THROUGH PHOTO SHARING Red Bank, New Jersey – (April 28, 2015) – Available today on the Apple App Store, WhichPic aims to be the go-to social photo sharing app used for getting opinions to every day choices such as what to wear, where to have dinner, what picture looks better, where to vacation, and more. … [Read more...]

How to Grow and Expand your Business without Losing your Hometown Roots


Where I grew up in rural Maryland, everyone knew my name and I knew theirs. As soon as something happened, it was news. Social media? Please -- Twitter is slower than molasses compared to how fast word spread in my little corner of the world. Of course, as soon as I had the inkling to delve into entrepreneurship, the words had hardly left my mouth before I had relatives, … [Read more...]

Tips To Save Money On Your Insurance

save money for best price

The most important way to keep any kind of insurance rates lower is to have a good credit and history, shop around and have a good standing with your lifestyle, health or driver history. When it comes to car insurance, there are a lot of determining factors that can be associated with life changing events. For your business health insurance plans, it depends on the size of your … [Read more...]

Conversation with Keven Spargo, Founder of K-Sounds

Keven Spargo

Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to chat with Keven Spargo, founder of K-Sounds, who developed a business 12+ years ago when he recognized that the piano sounds on keyboards were quite limited. He began to sample piano sounds and thus was born a passion for sampling and the birth of a business. Below is a record of our conversation that details the origins of K-Sounds, how … [Read more...]

Meet Eric Lyons – The TaskRabbit Power User


Want to make a ton of cash through odd jobs? Are you looking to supplement your income on the side? Eric Lyons has figured out how to do exactly that. On Sunday night I was fortunate enough to speak with Eric about his experience using TaskRabbit. For those who aren't familiar, TaskRabbit is an online and mobile marketplace that allows users to outsource small jobs and tasks … [Read more...]

3 Smartphone App Tutorials to Help You Get Started

Building Your First App

Do you have an insightful idea for an app, but have no idea how to make it yourself? Believe it or not, you don't have to be a technology expert to create your own app. In fact, there are several helpful tutorials available to help walk you through the steps for creating an app. Whether you want to develop apps for Android or iPhone, a little research is all you need to bring … [Read more...]

Google Analytics Intelligence: How to Create Useful Events

Google Analytics Intelligence

The Google's Analytics platform is perhaps one of the most useful administrative tools for website owners, small and large. Among the plethora of features in Google Analytics is a versatile tool known as Intelligence Events. With Intelligence Events we can tell the Google Analytics platform to send out customized alerts based on various changes, updates and stats collected … [Read more...]

Africa 2.0 – The Mobile Movement


  Your $800 iPhone 6 is really cooland extremely powerfulbut the earth-shaking mobile movement that is changing life in Africa is happening on phones that are much less fancy. Essential features that you've long taken for granted, such as sending texts, emailing, basic access to the web and mobile banking are quickly reaching areas of the oldest continent -- … [Read more...]