Make 2014 the Year You Revamp & Improve Your Blog

Secrets of a Killer Blog Post

In August I wrote a post for Get Busy Media titled, “Why Your Small Business Needs a Blog.” If 2014 is the year you are going to take a leap forward and launch that business blog or revamp your current blog, then this post is meant for you! As a self-proclaimed book nerd, I have bookcases lined with books on Internet marketing, creating content, optimizing web pages and so … [Read more...]

Why Your Small Business Needs a Blog

Blogging for Business

In today’s world a blog is an important and invaluable marketing tool for small and large businesses alike. Yet, I am often surprised by how many businesses don’t have a blog or those that do have a blog but it remains inactive. I’m also surprised by businesses that don’t participate in social media, but let’s save that for another post. So, why exactly, aside from the … [Read more...]

Define our Purpose: Blogging for Fun or Profit

Secrets of a Killer Blog Post

I may have done things a little backwards. I recently wrote a post titled, “Blogging Options & Necessities,” although that post can apply to fun or profit, this post is about taking the leap into blogging if you have been stalling until now. There are days that I love talking about what I do for a living and then there are days that I dread that very question being … [Read more...]

Blogging Options & Necessities

Blogging Tools

I recently wrote a post for Get Busy Media titled, “Why I love and Hate Blogging.” In this post I’m going to share blogging options and necessities. Please note: there are endless ways to make money blogging, the below suggestions are merely my own preferences and what has worked for me. That also includes the companies I’ve been using for years. That said, over time you … [Read more...]

4 Must Have Mobile Apps For Small Business Owners

Mobile Marketing

In December, I wrote a guest post titled, “Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Businesses.” In short, it was about simple ways to make your website mobile friendly in a mobile world. In this post, I thought I would do the reverse and review, as a blogger/business owner, a few of my favorite apps. I often refer to myself as a geek and yet I’m behind the times in many ways because I … [Read more...]

Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Mobile Marketing

“By the year 2014, mobile internet should take over desktop internet usage,” according to Tag Microsoft. With the world going mobile, not only do you have to worry about how your site renders on Internet browsers, you also need to ensure your site renders properly on mobile browsers. With so many new cell phones hitting the market, including Androids, tablets and … [Read more...]

Video Blogging with YouTube For Beginners

Explainer Videos

We’ve been hearing for years that “Content is King,” that including photos in blog posts is important to grab the reader’s attention and enhance the content and so on. But now is the time to take it a step further and consider adding videos to your blog content. At a time when transparency and branding are essential to success, video blogging can help you do just that – … [Read more...]