5 Awesome Ways to Use Web Video in Small Business Marketing (and their benefits)

In an age full of technology, businesses small and large are looking for ways to tap into the benefits of using different forms of media toVideo for Business reach their target consumers. The average person spends over five hours a day browsing and using the Internet. Five hours! That means that the average consumer will likely spend more time online than watching TV, reading a newspaper/magazine or listening to radio. What does this mean for businesses?

Businesses need to tap into the idea of using online web marketing to reach their audiences, and the best and most efficient way to do so is through the use of web videos. Not only limited to YouTube videos, businesses can use tools like Instagram video and Google AdWords to promote themselves to the online community. Here are five awesome ways that a small business can utilize web videos in their marketing schemes.

Embedding videos on business websites 

Every business, no matter how small, should have a business website. Having a website shows professionalism and dedication. When a potential consumer uses a search engine to look up a company, they want to land on a company sponsored website instead of Yellow Pages or Yelp.

But why use embedded video? Using embedded videos is a great way to connect with the consumer by capturing their attention. There are many ways one can use video on their business website. Some of the most effective ways are to use a video for the business’ About Us page. Rather than writing about what their business does, they should show it! Consumers like seeing real people. Having the business owner, employees or even customers’ talk about the business in a positive light is going to be more effective than a lengthy article saying the same things. People are visual, and a video is more likely to stick than a blog style post.

For those businesses that push product, having embedded videos of customer testimonials is an excellent way to show that a real person uses and loves the product. Many consumers may doubt the authenticity of those written “testimonials”, but seeing a live person will convince them that the product is worthwhile. Whether a business decides to reach out to real customers or to hire spokes models, the effect will still be positive.

Using videos on landing pages

Embedded video on websites does not stop at sub-pages of a website. The landing page is also an effective, and probably the best, spot to place an embedded video. Do not count on a consumer to click over to other content, capture their attention at the first glance. Whether the traffic to this landing page is coming from the businesses domain or another website entirely, the message still needs to be loud and clear. Some businesses may want to consider putting a welcome message on their landing page inviting visitors to click over to the more important content.

Utilizing YouTube ads

Everyone has seen the ads that YouTube runs on their videos, but how can a business become involved in YouTube ads and what is the benefit? With millions of consumers, YouTube is a great place to market, especially to younger audiences. The only way to become involved in this process is through Google’s AdWords program. What AdWords does for a business is provide them marketing options on YouTube. The marketing can be as simple as an ad placed alongside the sides or bottom of a video for a targeted audience, or it can be as complex as a 30-60 second spot.

These short spots can and should be utilized by small businesses. Treating it much like a TV commercial, though, is the only way to make sure it is effective. The first step to making a YouTube marketing video is to go to https://www.youtube.com/yt/advertise/. The important part about AdWords for YouTube is that there must be a video to market. The best way a business can do this is by creating their video commercial and then contacting the YouTube advertising department to set up the ad campaign that is best for them. There are several different types of YouTube advertising (known as pre-roll advertising) that will suit different types of businesses. The best part about using this type of advertising is that a business can decide whether or not to target a specific audience or to be general. The choice depends on the type of business being marketed.

Instagram video for businesses

Instagram Video

Courtesy of imore.com

Instagram is one of the most popular mobile apps available today, and with a market of consumers that rely on their smart phones, this can be a great market that many businesses may not realize. Because of the 15-second limitation, businesses can tap into the short attention spans of consumers and get their message across. Marketing an Instagram account to gain followers is an entirely different topic, but marketing to those followers is easier than one may think. Many people do not realize that they can upload a previously made video to Instagram, meaning that a business can make a high quality commercial to be uploaded to Instagram rather than shooting one with their smart phone. However, it may be a great marketing idea to make more personal, everyday videos instead of commercials. The choice again depends on the brand and the company. Using Instagram is a great way to reach the mobile consumer.

Marketing an idea or service on Kickstarter using video

Kickstarter is the best friend of the business owner. Trying to fund a startup company is a difficult task, but it can be made easier through the use of video. Not only is a video more personal, but also people are more likely to give to a campaign they can actually see. Consumers are more cautious today because of the wide range of Internet scams. Showing consumers the prototype product, the growth plan or even just the creator’s friendly face can make a world of difference when trying to grow a Kickstarter campaign. People are visual creatures that need more than just words to convince them of an idea.

Video marketing is a great way to grow a small business, and with so many options on the market today there is sure to be an affordable and attainable option for any business. The business world is moving fast online, and it is up to a business to make sure they don’t get left behind.

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