3 Great Ways for Your Small Business to Effectively Use Pinterest

I know Pinterest is dominated by the female demographic, but I still like to compare it to Muhammad Ali circa 1964.

It is shocking the world…  of Warcraft… of social media and ecommerce.

I have recently profiled the increasingly popular social platform that calls itself a virtual pinboard. In fact, it was just last month.  So while my writing diversity may take a hit, I am still totes excited about the chance to examine the many ways companies can effectively utilize a website for people who love, “Cupcakes, Boots, and shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal.”  For realzies.

Call me out my writing diversity if you must, but I’m loving Pinterest’s rarely-seen climb to the top of the digital world. Furthermore, some impressive statistics have been compiled recently by Monetate (whom created a snazzy infographic from their findings), comscore and Compete that showcases just how powerful Pinterest is becoming for businesses and retailers. Here are some noteworthy findings from the reports:

While search is still king when it comes to traffic referrals, brands and retailers are looking more and more to social networking websites to help boost website traffic. And with Pinterest driving almost as much traffic as Google and Twitter, I feel that it is important to observe and report on all of the different ways your business can engage on this captivating social media platform.

So with all that said, here are a few cool ways your business can use Pinterest to improve your digital presence and overall product offering:




Is 2012 the year that you want to add/update a product or service offering? If so, Pinterest can be an effective online focus group to learn more about your target audience. By tracking what consumers are pinning, who they are following, and what they are saying about certain images across the site, your business can effectively predict trends and opinions within your industry’s community.

See: Nordstroms



Pinterest’s co-founder said it best, “For most consumer brands, the idea behind your brand makes sense on Pinterest.” It is frowned upon for marketers to simply blast out photos of your products, it’s important to think outside of the box when using the platform. Try to post images that capture the essence of your business. If you own a hotel, post pictures of cool attractions nearby or even pieces from local artists. If you own a restaurant, post pictures of cool appliances that you use in your kitchen or dining room furniture that goes well with the décor of your establishment.

See: Whole Foods

Aside from your products, Pinterest also can be a great forum to showcase your company culture.  I love it when I see companies post pictures of all the different surroundings and events around their office. These types of images help to humanize the business.

See: The Today Show



Similar to showcasing your company culture, Pinterest can be used as a great place to promote yourself to other businesses by nicely organizing your company’s information and services.

See: FaceTime Strategy! Yep, that’s right; I created a Pinterest page for my agency to practice what we preach. As you can see, we have boards showcasing our management team, clients, service offerings, and logos. These types of organized displays allow Pinterest users to get a clear and organized look at the make-up of your business, making Pinterest a strong B2B community.



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