2014 Digital Marketing Trends [Infographic]

2013 was a crazy year for digital marketing. Google made some big moves that have completely altered the way we do search engine optimization. In particular, the Hummingbird update, the privatization of keyword data for organic searches, the added significance of Authorship and the lack of a PageRank update since February all indicate a major shift in how we’ll be doing SEO in 2014 and beyond. We’ve known for years that quality content is king, but 2014 may be the year content marketing really comes into its own.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! 2013 also saw some major changes in the world of social media marketing. Social networks like Pinterest, Snapchat and Google+ all had huge years and are poised to break out in 2014. Then there are mobile video apps like Vine and Instagram Video, which are already being used effectively by major brands like The Gap, Samsung and Target. If you think these apps are flashes in the pan, our stats might just change your mind.

Finally, the biggest sea change to hit our industry in a long time (and frankly, the Internet as a whole) is the rise of mobile. I’m not over-estimating it when I say the way we surf the web, as well as new “locations-based” tactics will forever revolutionize how marketing is done. Don’t believe me? Well, the numbers don’t lie!

You thought 2013 was wild? Let’s take a look at what’s in store for digital marketing in 2014!


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